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Tim Bolger, Owner
Timothy Bolger - Owner
Welcome to Columbus Moving Solutions!
Welcome to Columbus Moving Solutions!

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There are no hidden charges or surprises with Columbus Moving Solutions. Columbus Moving Solutions is here to fulfill specific need for the local community, with the ethical standards that our families can be proud of. We strive for impressive customer service, and to meet standards that include safely transport your possessions, charging honest, fair prices, and always getting the job done at a reasonable time. Not convinced? Please refer to our Geust Book "View Entries" link  to read about some of our satisfied customers.
One man. One truck. One flat rate. Guaranteed satisfaction.

Are you having problems planning your next move from point A to point B? Look no further! You've reached the solution!

This is Columbus Moving Solutions, and I offer quick, affordable, safe and professional service, and I do it as good as anyone else. Whether you are moving a few large items, live in an apartment, condominium or own a home, I can meet your moving needs. With over 25 years experience in the moving industry as an owner/operator, contractor, and packer, I bring first-hand experience and high customer service. I have a 24 foot Ryder moving truck with a ramp, a hand dolly, an appliance dolly, a 4-wheel piano dolly, pads to protect your posessions.

I offer affordable hourly rates of $50.00 an hour (4 hour minimum) and a $25.00 fuel surcharge. That's only $225.00 minimum for those with just a small apt to move. I can accomplish most moves on one roundtrip for a basic flat rate of $400.00 for a full truckload. For those with more to move or who have longer destinations, I add $25 for multiple flights, and $25 for moves outside of I-270.also there is the option to have a second or 3rd man on a flat rate or hourly basis I find that most people prefer to settle on 1 flat rate for the entire move. This ensures that my customers know up front what they will spend for the whole move.

Make your calls; get your estimates. But my rate will usually be 60-75% less expensive than most commercial movers out there! My rate is based on one man and the truck. I can move most of your belongings by myself and with my dolly, and only occasionally would I require help with large items such as sofas, king size beds, and washers/dryers in the basement.
Additionally there are rates for multiple movers, for larger homes/dwellings

So when your ready to move at an affordable rate, contact Tim at Columbus Moving Solutions. My rates will be the best. 

COMPLETE MOVES STARTING AT $225 FLATE RATE!                       CALL TIM TODAY @ 614-457-0854 HOME OR 614-515-7740 CELL

Contact me today!
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